Water Treatment Packages

SOPAN engages in Produced Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment. Our capabilities to develop skids for effluent water treatment, industrial water treatment and produced water treatments includes equipment’s like Corrugated Plate Interceptor (CPI), Induced Gas Floatation Unit (IGF), Nut Shell Filter (NSF), Storage tanks etc.

Produced water treatment mainly consists of following separation packages :
1. Primary Oil Separation Stage: Wash Tanks, Corrugated Plate Interceptor (CPI)
2. Secondary Oil Separation Stage: Induced Gas Floatation Unit (IGF)
3. Tertiary Oil Separation Stage (Polishing Stage ): Filter Feed Tank , Dual Media Nutshell Filters (Walnut shell media) / Media filters, UF Feed Tank/ Ultra-filtration (As per applications), TW Feed Tank