Asset Integrity Management

Cathodic Protection

SOPAN have qualified manpower as per NACE requirement and undertake entire scope of activities for Cathodic Protection including Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning, Post Commissioning, CP Monitoring & Maintenance, CP Surveys such as CAT/DCVG/CIPL for  underground Cross Country/CGD Pipelines and Equipment.

CP Surveying:

We undertake Pre Installation and Post Installation Surveys concerning Cathodic Protection Systems.

  1. Close Interval Potential Logging ON-OFF/CIPL Survey as Pipeline Health Survey
  2. Pearson Survey examine the Coating Condition of equipment
  3. Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) used for Inspecting coating of buried pipelines
  4. Current Attenuation Test (CAT) used to locate poor leaks and defects which drain out the current from systems.

CP Monitoring/Maintenance:

Test stations are provided at sufficient locations for current measurements which facilitate Cathodic Protection testing. We undertake scheduled monitoring of various components in CPS on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis as required.

CNG Cylinder Testing

SOPAN has created State of the art CNG Cylinder Testing facility as per relevant Standards and Codes as prescribed by Chief Controller of Explosives Safety Organization, Government of India.

SOPAN’s Hydro testing facility uses Water Jacket Method for testing of Cylinders. Our Hydro close test jackets contain a Safety Locking Device, Burst Disk Crystals, a Drain Valve and a splash shield specially to take care of Safety while operating Cylinders. This Hydro Testing Facility is also designed as per U.S. Code of federal regulations, 49CFR180.205.

Safety Relief Valve Testing

Our test bench for safety relief valve testing contains Safe Locking Device and Operation Panel with required drain and vent valves to take care of Safety while operating. The Pressure Gauges being used are reputed and standard made with a tolerance of ± 2% accuracy. Our technicians have mastered the art of lapping valve sealing faces, an important aspect to ensure long term valve performance. Using an Industrial Diamond Compound we can achieve extremely flat finishes resulting in “bubble tight” leakage as required by the American Petroleum Institute Standard – API527. The SRV testing facility is designed for pressure up to 300 bar (g) and up to 8” flange size.

Our SRV testing ensures 100 % safety as per requirement of Chief Controller Of Explosives (CCOE) formerly known as PESO of components when subjected to service conditions.

Pipeline Integrity Management

SOPAN has experienced manpower who work under pipeline integrity management which ensures smooth, continual, unbroken working of pipelines under varied atmospheric conditions..

Preventive/Scheduled Maintenance:

    • Inspection of SV/IP/DT/RT along with complete stretch of ROU including Cased Rail/Road /Canal/ Water body crossings .
    • Bell Hole survey and UT measurement of UG and AG pipeline.
    • Inspection of SV/IP/DT/RT along with complete stretch of ROU including Cased – Rail/Road/Canal/Water body crossings.
    • Functional checking of Gas / Smoke/Heat detectors.
    • Installation and removal of the field & panel instruments such as Gauges/Transmitters/Switches/Safety Valves/Flow meter etc.
    • Operation checks along with maintenance of valves / filters/scrubbers/launcher and receivers
    • Health assessment & report preparation as per SOP/standards and submission of RCA report for any defect
    • Coordinate /support for executing Scheduled Pigging
    • Monitoring of DC interference/ER probe
    • Integrity checking of IJ/IF joints/Casing & carrier pipes
    • Cathodic Protection – Monitoring /reading of TLP / TR as per schedule
    • Monitoring and maintenance of AGB/ALJB
    • Periodic Hydrotesting of Line pipes as kept in store/yard as per standards / guidelines

Break Down Maintenance:

  • Emergency pipeline repair for pipeline leak and thickness reduction
  • Washout restoration of ROU
  • Cleaning of Vegetation in and around ROU/TLP points.
  • Restoration of OFC damage including OTDR, Fault finding, Splicing, enclosing etc.
  • Repairing/ Restoration of coating damage in UG pipeline, Washout Restoration of ROU

Modification Jobs:

  • Conversion of Non Piggable pipeline sections to Piggable pipelines
  • Replacement / New Casing for Rail/Road/Canal/ Water body crossings
  • Re-routing / diverting of existing pipeline along with laying of new spur lines
  • Structural fabrication, Providing new supports, platforms, ladders, Sheds
  • Process piping / modification including supply of all materials required.
  • Modification and repair of product / water tanks (Fixed / floating roofs) including mechanical shoe seal, roof drain system and hydrotesting

SOPAN has experienced manpower who work under pipeline integrity management which ensures smooth, continual, unbroken working of pipelines under varied atmospheric conditions. We ensure that all components are in best operating conditions and are safe for life by employing different activities under Preventive Maintenance, Break down Maintenance and Modification Jobs related to pipelines.