Oil & Gas Treatment Packages

Two/Three Phase Separator

SOPAN fabricates Production as well as Test separators used in Oil Exploration, Well Production, Water Treatment etc.

We provide 2 phase Gas-Liquid Separator skid which discharge gas and liquid from the vessel separately and ensure that no re-entertainment of one takes place into the other . It is a skid mounted unit along with all necessary instruments like Pressure Gauges, Flow Meters, Control Valves, Liquid-level Gauge Assemblies etc.Separator is LCP or PLC based and designed as per customer requirement. The equipment is provided with internals like Inlet Deflectors/Devices, Calming Baffles, Weir Plates, Vane Packs, Coalscer Packs, Demisters as per client requirement.

SOPAN has capabilities to provide 3 phase Gas-Liquid-Water separator which separates Oil, Gas, Moisture content, Solid particles from Well streams.

Chemical Dosing Skids

SOPAN provides chemical dosing skids used in Water Injection Plants, Water Treatment Plants and Skid Mount Additive Dosing System. Our skids dose a fixed volume of additive into a product by counting pulses. The dosing skid includes electronically controlled Motor driven Dosing Pumps, Flow Meter, Calibration Cylinder, Load Valve, Suction Strainer, Ball Valves,Pulsation dampener etc. Our skid provides single point and multi point injection of various fluids for oil and gas, water plants etc.

Our dosing skids are engineered and manufactured for corrosion inhibitor, de-oiler, biocide, bacteria-side, anti-scant etc with the dosing rates from 5 – 100 ppm depending on chemicals and jar test conducted.

H2S / CO2 Removal System

SOPAN provides detailed Design & Engineering for CO2 & H2S Single stage gas removal skid mounted units. These units reduces CO2 and H2S from natural gas which is then suitable for cross country pipeline transportation.

  • Skid mounted equipment’s can be mobilized easily.
  • Waste gas with low hydrocarbon 



Gas Dehydration system

Gas Dehydration system is required in Oil & Gas industry to remove Benzene,Toluene,Ethylbenzene and Xylene (BTEX), Water and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from the natural gas system. Gas dehydration prevents pipeline corrosion and line blockage caused by hydrate formation which generally caused by high water dew point.