Scroll Compressor

Emerson Copeland & “SOPAN” have synergized to explore opportunities in Indian Oil & Gas Sector. These Compressors have major applications in Oil Well Casing Gas Recovery, Conventional Gas Well Boosting, Tank Vapour Recovery and Coal Bed Methane.
Upstream Oil & Gas industry has a continuous drive to produce more oil and gas, with less capital & maintenance cost and minimal environmental impact. To achieve the same, Emerson Copeland turned theory of Scroll in practical reality. Copeland Scroll Gas Compression is an exceptionally low maintenance, compact, rugged new approach to oilfield gas compression. The Scroll Compressor module comes equipped with many high quality features typically found only on larger oilfield compression packages. Packaged flow rates are 15-600 mcfd (0.4-17 mcmd), 60-300 psig single stage discharge pressure (4-21 bar), and vacuum to 65 psig suction (0-4.5 bar suction). Copeland uses sophisticated, computer-assisted design and manufacturing methods to achieve the critical tolerances required for production of Scroll Compressors. Hermetic Compressors are designed with packaged flow rates of 15-600 mcfd, 70-345 psig single stage discharge pressure & suction from vacuum to 25 psig. Hermetic design also ensures Compressor (no shaft seals) eliminates oxygen, oil and gas leak paths. Commercial air conditioning noise level allows for installation in environmentally sensitive areas.

Esteemed Clients:
In the past we have supplied Scroll Compressors and also installed & commissioned for Cummins & UNIDO.