India, the second most populated country in the world having more than 40 million vehicles. The number of families with cars has become much more than what the country is able to manage. However infrastructure available for the vehicles like roads parking spaces have been a challenge in most the Indian cities. Traffic management in the many cities is marked by the introduction of a series of one-way traffic systems, which have implications on pedestrian safety and fuel consumption. Present situation is such that on any given working day approximately 40% of the roads in urban India are taken up for just parking the cars; a lot of space that could otherwise be used in a better way.


  • ⚫ Maximize Space Utilization
  • ⚫ Reduced cost of Managing Parking Space
  • ⚫ High Safety and Security
  • ⚫ Fit any size and layout
  • ⚫ No Human intervention
  • ⚫ Reduced pollution – Low carbon Foot Print

    Why Sopan:

    Patented Design with effective time reducing technology
  • ⚫ System based approach
  • ⚫ Customized system combining with standard components
  • ⚫ Research and Innovative driven system
  • ⚫ Simple and elegant design
  • ⚫ Unit replacement concept
  • ⚫ High levels of safety and reliability with built in redundant sensors
  • ⚫ Well established partner network throughout India
  • ⚫ Best fit solution with 100% indigenous standard and proven components

    What we Offer:

  • ⚫ Customized Parking System
  • ⚫ Exclusive Systems for Car and Two Wheeler Parking
  • ⚫ Flexible structure and orientation
  • ⚫ Future scaling up
  • ⚫ Random retrieving
  • ⚫ Multi-tier Transfer Modules for faster parking and retrieval
  • ⚫ Intelligent peak hour and emergency management
  • ⚫ Integration with parking management and control systems