Oil & Natural Gas

SOPAN has expertise in Engineering and Design of Decompression, Metering, Pressure Regulating & Dew Point Conditioning Skids. We also have good track record in design & commissioning of alternate fuel changeover system.

(i) Surface Facility Development

SOPAN Projects has been pioneered in engineering of Coal Bed Methane (CBM). We have developed India’s 1st CBM Facility in Assansol, West Bengal. Gas found in Coal Bed is mostly Methane (CH4), which occurs with coal as adsorbed gas. To harness this Natural Gas requisite technological understanding of reservoir processes & ambient conditions is necessary.
For CBM Sites other works such as Electrical, Instrumentation & Civil works activities are also carried by our in-house team of engineers. We have potential to develop necessary infrastructure for CBM blocks to ensure smooth operation of the facility.

(ii) Water Injection Facility

Water injection is the method in oil industry, where water is injected back into the reservoir, usually to increase pressure and thereby stimulate production. Water Injection wells can be found in both onshore and offshore, to increase oil recovery from an existing reservoir.
SOPAN Projects has experience in designing, engineering & commissioning of water injection facilities for various oil companies at extensive locations in India.