Gas Water Separator Skid

Separators are mechanical devices for removing and collecting liquids from Natural Gas. Two Phase Separators discharge the separated gas and liquid from the vessel and ensure that no re-entrainment of one into the other takes place. It consists of pressure gauges, thermometers and liquid-level gauge assemblies. Separators are provided with Cleanout Openings. When solids are present in the inlet stream, they blow down through Cleanout Openings.

Two Phase Separators are designed to separates Gas & Water from Well Fluid.
We fabricate Separators with following Specifications:-
Design – Vertical/Horizontal
Clean gas is ensured
Operating Pressure: - 7 Bar
Liquid Capacity: - up to 200 m3 Water/Day
Gas Capacity: - 50,000 sm3/Day
Material of Construction: - Carbon Steel
SOPAN has capabilities to provide Skid Mounted Two- Phase Separators, for separation of Liquid from Gas.