Booster Compressor

"SOPAN” is packager of Hydraulic Booster Compressors for Compressed Natural Gas application. Our Compressors are hydraulically driven and especially conceived for Natural Gas compression as well as other technical gases in different applications. Designed to meet stringent Standards, the Booster Compressors have been proved to work effectively for long duration across various regions in India.

Some of the features of our flexible technology are:
Clean Operation
Increased Efficiency (Superior Power Consumption Vs Flow Ratio)
Low-speed, Low-maintenance, Non-lubricated Gas Piston
Zero Blow-by
Double acting piston compressor is hydraulically driven
Inlet pressures – 16 to 250 bar(g)
Flow – 20 to 3000 sm3/h
Delivery pressures upto 400 bars
Booster features Atmospheric-Pressure Separation Chamber between the Natural Gas & Oil Cylinders . This means that the same Natural Gas grade as at Inlet is guaranteed at outlet, assuring no gas contamination with transmission oil
SOPAN units are water cooled and they are designed for round the clock non-stop operation, which makes them suitable for turbine fuel cogeneration plants
These features ensure that the Booster Compressors are efficient in operation at the same time guaranteeing safety of the operator

Esteemed Clients:
In the past we have supplied 51 Hydraulic Booster Compressors to major players like HPCL, Green Gas Ltd, Tata Motors Ltd, Siti Energy Ltd, Gujarat Gas, GSPL Gas, MNGL, Bhagyanagar Gas, Sawariya Gas, Ashok Leyland etc.